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Call of Duty Mobile

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On October 1, Call of Duty: Mobile was released worldwide - before that it was available only to residents of China and other Asian countries. In a few days, the game was downloaded over 20 million times, and it has already brought its creators two million dollars.

And this is not an accidental success. The shooter matches all the expectations. Activision promised to transfer Call of Duty branded gameplay to smartphones and they have done it.

Call of Duty Mobile Full Review

Start screen

You can configure the equipment kit and choose one of three modes: the standard network game with team battle, the royal battle with 100 players and the zombie mode, which is not yet available.

The weapon

The game has a paid battle pass that gives you access to more expensive rewards like profile avatars, weapon skins, and game currency. It costs about $10. The player earns experience points for completing the tasks and participating in the battles. With a new level, you can choose the main and additional weapons, battle and tactical grenades and three types of perks.

You can also choose a skin and ultimate weapon (you can use it once or twice per match). The game has a multitude of weapons of all varieties. You can open new modules for an active game, but you can hang no more than four modules on each weapon.


The gameplay is made very comfortable, especially for large screens and tablets. On the left side is a stick stick and by clicking on the right area of the screen you can rotate the camera. COD Mobile has separate buttons for jumping and changing positions. If you hold the last one, the character will lay.

There are two shooting modes - the button on the left is responsible for shooting from the hip, and when you click on the right one, the character aims down the sight and starts shooting.

Above it is the sight button (without firing), and below are reload buttons and grenades. You can enable simplified control in the settings. You only need to point the weapon at the enemy, and the character will start shooting. If you come close to the enemy, the knife strike button will light up.


The game features many classic maps from Modern Warfare and Black Ops. In terms of gameplay, this is the same Call of Duty as for other platforms. TTK is good enough, plus you can use different variations of the weapon and combine different perks.

The only difference is the Royal battle mode. In this mode, the battles take place on a different map. The COD: Mobile developers have done a great job and they created one of the best mobile shooters ever. You will undoubtedly like it and spend many hours playing it.

Call of Duty Mobile

Battle Royale Games

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